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What we can do together!


Watch this message and take a glimpse into The Kogi, an ancient Colombian civilization that might just hold the answer to the climate crisis happening across the world right now. The Kogi have an important understanding of environmental management. Having studied the planet for hundreds of years, they can teach us how to take action and protect the planet that we all share. Our climate crisis is a spiritual crisis.


Deadbeat is working together with The Kogi, Jaguar Siembra, and WaterBear towards a vital impact campaign. In order to preserve the Sierra, The Kogi need to buy back the land that was stolen from them and recover the balance of the ecosystem. Returning lands and giving titles to Indigenous people is one of the first steps to reversing climate change.

Let’s take action. We can help donate funds to buy back their land.

Your donation is invested in our community projects.

  • Purchase of land to protect it from deforestation, neocolonialism, cattle, and illegal threats. 

  • Sanitation and Expansion of the Reservation

  • Restoration of the Order of the Territory

  • Protection of native forests, ecosystems, and animals

  • Protection of Sacred Spaces

  • Institutional Coordination for the Conservation of the Territory


Who are we?


Deadbeat are a multi-award-winning film production company, founded by identical twin brothers, Boris & Jack Thompson-Roylance.


Deadbeat create original films, documentaries and series’s focused on the themes of sustainability, climate change, underrepresented voices and the natural world.


WaterBear is a ground-breaking streaming platform showcasing award-winning documentaries as well as original content - spanning biodiversity, community, climate action, and sustainable fashion. WaterBear members can stream video at any time, and on any device, all for free, as well as take direct instant action to support NGOs around the world and shape a better future for our fragile planet. For more information about WaterBear and to sign up for free, please visit:

“Zigoneshi, this word means a lot to us, I help you, you help me, I need you, you need me. This relationship, this exchange, is between us, with you, but also and above all with nature. You take things without ever rebalancing what you take, that's why the earth is sick. We must go back to the zigoneshi, we, the older brothers, with you, the little brothers, together, with nature. We must make peace with nature, and dialogue with her. If we protect it, it will protect us, otherwise…” 
- Mamu José Barro

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