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Conscious, Fair & Organic!

Plant trees for Food Forests in the Heart of the World!

The reforestation project takes place throughout the year, we are planting trees to improve the soils on a monthly basis, for the food forest and agroforestry systems implementation in the Sierra Nevada, we collect the growing trees from the tree nursery and plant them together with the local communities in the indigenous sowing season that is in March and August. In these times and after when the rains come the necessary conditions of humidity of the soil so that the plant can grow healthy.

First, the fruit and the other seeds were collected walking the jungle by residents of the communities surrounding areas, we are starting a process of looking for mother trees and marked and georeferenced to visit them in the next season of fruit and seeds production. Once the seeds are collected, they are taken to the nursery of the native families, and with the help of the other members of the family or the community are in charge of pulping the seeds, for later germination. Later, when the seeds germinate, they are transplanted into bags where they will be gradually subjected to full exposure to the sun and will grow until they have the necessary size to survive and begin to be part of the forest. 

Be part of the change!

How are the funds divided? 


What's the real price of air, water, medicine, and all the other benefits that a tree produces? This value is up to you! We really believe that this is one of the most difficult questions, there is not a tangible answer for it, for us they don't have a price tag. After some trial and error experiences, we found a value that works in the best sustainable way and distributes between the local communities and us as well to sustain the project. It is not the cost of a tree, it is the cost of all the processes and works behind of a planted tree. The process of planting the tree in an agroforestry system includes also a design of the area, knowledge, and education, collecting the seeds, growing the sampling in the tree nursery over several months, regenerating the soil fixing nitrogen, and doing spiritual works, working materials, the actual planting, caring and nourishing after the sowing, etc. We came to the conclusion of 5€ is what we need to do the work in an affordable way and are distributed as follows starting from June 2023 after 4 years of independent and self-financed work and 3 years of establishment (2019-2022):  

€0.50 Desing and implementation of the project with ecology methodologies and ancient wisdom
€0.50 for one tree sapling to be grown at a nursery
€1 Ongoing maintenance of trees
€1.5 Material costs
€0.3 Spread the word with educational materials for the native families and rest of the world
€1,2 Operating costs of the project to plant trees, Community-supported Agricultural creation, research, follow of the impact, tracking and documentation, Offices, rentals, and salaries in Colombia and Austria.

Plant trees!

Price Options
One-time purchase
Plant Trees Monthly!
€5.00every month for 12 months
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