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Conscious, Fair & Organic!

Community Agroecology and pre-harvest support for justice in trading systems. 

Receive 340g of roasted in-origin Specialty coffee in your home for 1 year! 

Welcome to the Coffee for Biodiversity Club, you will receive a specialty coffee every month and you are been taking 8 direct climate actions, planting trees monthly, creating food forests, regenerating soils, uplifting farmers, and supporting cultural & education programs. Funding new economies with Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) to reverse ecological degradation.

SCORE: 86-87 points
Single Origin / Sogrome 60 Arhuaco families united in one company.
Producer: Amas La Sierra

Its flavor includes highlights notes of citrus fruits, chocolate, a delicate body, and the sweetness of sugar cane. The farms that give origin to this coffee are 100 percent organic polycultures and the entire process from tree to cup is largely artisanal.

With this Coffee 2

100.000 trees for Food Forests are going to be planted!

Yearly Specialty Coffee Box!

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