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We’ll plant agro-forestal areas with the local communities. The reforestation project contains: rescuing our native lands and reforest them, we strive to preserve nature, mitigate climate change, preserve the water, supplies and food.

Be part of the movement!


We plant and take care of the trees in special reforestation spots, after the sowing the native community and residents will look after your trees over a period of two years; after that, your tree will be able to sustain itself in the forest.


By clicking on the icon Your tree here! just below, you can proceed to adopt a tree. We will mail you a certificate with the location, description and necessary information to plant.

Adopt a Native Tree, be part of the Forest!




What do I get ?

• A vast amount of clean air, water, health soils, food for animals and communities, good karma, joy, happiness to share! You also generate projects that promote art, education, culture and community.
• An incredible sustainability story for you that is going to be told by trees.
• Access to Jaguar Siembra updates on projects you have supported, including photos & video material.

When do i get my certificate?

When your tree is planted we’ll send you a virtual copy of your certificate with pictures, and the geolocalitation.


When will we reforest?

The reforestation project takes place twice a year in 2020. In March and August we will collect the growing trees from the tree-nursery and plant them together with the local community in special agro-forestal places in the Sierra Nevada. In between March and August we work in art projects like documentary film, music and events.

What kind of trees do we plant?

We plant strains that are native to the reforestation spots, that’s the rule. In the Sierra we plant; Guaimaros, Higuerones, Caracolies, Mastres, Robles that preserve water and mitigate climate change, on top of fruit-bearing trees to help maintain the ecosystem. 

Who are we?.jpg

Who makes the reforestation?

A group of artists and indigenous leaders that strive to preserve nature, mitigate climate change, preserve, document and share the ancestral knowledge. Generally, we work in our group of 3 to 5 persons to have less amount of people that could generate the most amount of energy because the places are high in the mountain with difficult access.

How can i make the payment?

You easily can pay in our shop for your trees or our Merchandise via PayPal. 

For international forest donations please transfer your contribution to our

TransferWise-account: siembra@jaguarsiembra.com

or PayPal-account: 


Friends and Supporters!